Primary School

Primary 1 to Primary 6

At the Primary Level, children will start to transition from simple to more complex Chinese characters and move towards applying and analysing the characters taught. This is a stage where learning is more intensive and we start to use more interactive mediums of teaching and encourage collaborative learning.

The programme is designed based on the latest MOE syllabus with a focus on language skills which includes Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

In addition, the core curriculum is supplemented by:

  1. Han Yu Pin Yin.
  2. Advanced Vocabulary.
  3. Grammar and Sentence Structure.
  4. Intensive PSLE Drill and Practice.

The methods include:

  1. Vocabulary learning through flashcards and interactive educational tools.
  2. Learning materials and worksheets practice in class.
  3. Focus on PSLE examination syllabus and techniques.