Zhu Yin (注音)

Kindergarten 2 to Primary 2

Many Chinese characters might share the same sound but we use different tones to differentiate them.

Zhu Yin (注音) forms a critical part of the Chinese learning journey. It not only helps students to master strong pronunciation skills, it also allows them to enhance their reading and writing skills.

At ESM, we believe in fun learning and our teachers have developed a systematic yet interesting way to learn Zhu Yin.

Our Zhu Yin programme is designed to:

  1. Provides your child with a strong foundation in Zhu Yin.
  2. Reinforce his/her Zhu Yin fundamentals.
  3. Allow your child to gain practice in word blends, tones and reading.
  4. And most importantly, Give your child a head start into the Primary 1 Zhu Yin syllabus.

TThe programme makes use of corresponding pictures of words (Flashcards) to help the children associate and understand the meaning of Chinese words together with their Zhu Yin. It also incorporates specially designed oral practices and interactive games to reinforce your child’s understanding.